Since you are kind enough to drink our beer Braumanufaktur want to make sure you don’t need to drive. So we’ve created Taxi Beer, the world’s first beer that drives you home safely.

The Beers

Meet the Drivers


Braumanufaktur has been a certified organic brewery since 2006. We have a philosophy that is based on knowledge of ancient craft brewing traditions. Our natural, unfiltered beers are made with 100% organic raw materials that can be traced back to the original producer. It is this process that gives our beer its distinctive full-bodied character. Furthermore we also produce old regional beer varieties such as Potsdamer Stange and Werdersche.

The Story

Together with TaxiFunk Berlin we’ve created a range of beers available for a limited time only that feature real Berlin taxi drivers. Whenever you buy Taxi Beer you’ll find your personal taxi driver on the front. All you have to do is call the number on the back and one of our late night heroes will be there to drive you home free of charge.